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Why should the reducer be heat treated?

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Why should the reducer be heat treated?

Reducer is widely used. It can bring great convenience to everyone's life and solve many problems in work. But you may not know why heat treatment is required. Let's listen to Xiaobian and share it with you.
Quenching and tempering is the most critical stage in the whole process of reducer manufacture, and the whole process of quenching and tempering is necessary. So what is the quenching and tempering treatment of the speed reducer? The following net is detailed for everyone: it is usually distributed after wool embryo production and manufacturing, before drilling production and processing, or after preliminary processing and before semi deep processing. The purpose of normalizing is to optimize crystal, improve mechanism, improve drilling and processing characteristics, and prepare for heat treatment and final quenching and tempering treatment.
The high-temperature quenching after heat treatment is aging treatment. Aging treatment can make the characteristics of steel and the material obtain a great level of adjustment. Its compressive strength, plastic deformation and ductility are good, and has excellent comprehensive physical properties. Quenched sorbite is obtained after heat treatment. CR can improve the hardenability of steel, improve the compressive strength and quenching reliability of steel, and have high-quality physical properties. 43crmo steel parts with large cross-section specifications or key aging treatment shall be selected. 43crmo steel parts shall be oil cooled after heat treatment. 43crmo steel has good hardenability, can be hardened by cooling in oil and water, and the deformation and cracking tendency of steel parts are small. After aging treatment, the parts have excellent comprehensive physical properties, but do not meet the requirements of their processing technology. Therefore, magnetic induction surface quenching has exceeded the specified physical properties. The strength after electromagnetic induction heating heat treatment is high, and it is not suitable for other drilling production and processing except cutting. Therefore, the parts of the process flow are usually allocated after semi deep processing, Before cutting, production and processing, after heat treatment, the surface layer obtains high toughness and high wear resistance, while the core still maintains excellent comprehensive physical properties. In order to reduce the heat treatment in-situ stress of surface quenching and maintain high toughness and wear resistance, ultra-low temperature recycling shall be carried out after heat treatment.
The final heat treatment of reducer gear adopts high-frequency quenching of tooth surface with small deformation of parts; The tooth surface obtained by high frequency quenching has high strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue limit, while the core still maintains sufficient plasticity and toughness. In order to reduce the deformation of reducer, low quenching temperature and short heating time, uniform heating and slow cooling shall be adopted for high-frequency quenching of tooth surface. in general,


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