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  • What equipment is the reducer used for?


    The reducer is a relatively precise and practical machine, which has a wide range of uses, from ships, automobiles, medical devices, communication equipment, to heavy machinery and tools used in construction, processing machinery and automatic production equipment used in the mechanical industry, as Read More

  • What are the good ways to maintain the reducer?


    In fact, the maintenance of the reducer is ignored by many users. If the reducer is not maintained for a long time, its life will be greatly reduced, and its performance will often be much worse than before. In order to make the reducer more durable, users are recommended to carry out regular mainte Read More

  • Easy to understand, gearbox disassembly steps!


    1. When disassembling the protective cover of each part, the disassembly line of motor and brake shall be marked as a reference for reassembly.  2. Remove the pin of the high-speed shaft coupling of the cylindrical gear reducer, unfasten the low-speed shaft tooth coupling, and move the two halves of Read More

  • Explanation and solution of broken shaft of reducer


    Sometimes, the reducer may break its shaft. Why does the output shaft of the drive motor of the reducer break? In order to solve this problem, the cross section of the output shaft of the drive motor device of the reducer was checked. It can be said that the cross section of the output shaft is the Read More

  • Repair method of cycloidal pin gear reducer


    Hardened face gear reducer is mainly a type of reducer manufactured according to the national standard, which is mainly used for transmission devices arranged in the vertical direction of the output shaft. In industrial production, the hardened gear reducer is mainly used in belt conveyors and vario Read More

  • Type of reducer and reduction motor


    Many friends can't tell the difference between the reducer and the motor. In fact, they are very different. The reducer refers to the reducer and the motor, that is, the integration of the motor. This integration can also be called a gear motor or a gear motor.The speed reducer has high technical re Read More

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