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  • What about heating and oil leakage of worm gear reducer?


    Every brand of worm gear reducer has the possibility of oil leakage. Of course, no one wants their own worm gear reducer to leak oil, but there are always some coincidences. Sometimes it is due to certain problems in the product itself, sometimes it is used improperly, or the opposite needs are not Read More

  • What fields can the motor reducer be applied in?


    1. Food and light industry.Food is a necessity for life. Everyone's daily life is inseparable from all kinds of food, including vegetables and fruits, grain, oil, rice and noodles. With the healthy development of economic form, the development of food and related products has become rich and diversi Read More

  • What conditions do cycloid pin gear reducer need to have when using


    I believe you are familiar with cycloid pin gear reducer. What conditions do we need to have when using it? Let's give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points.1. The output shaft of cycloid pin gear reducer cannot be subjected to large axial force and radial force. When there is la Read More

  • Commissioning instructions of reducer


    All machines have trial operation time. This time is used to detect whether the device has problems and needs to be corrected, that is, the so-called running in period. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the reducer without problems, and it is also the guarantee for the efficient and Read More

  • Repair method of cycloidal pinwheel reducer


    The turbine reducer is worn, pitted and bonded. The worm gear can be replaced and corrected, and the worm can be machined from scratch. The worm gear and worm gear tooth surface can be corrected by repairing welding, milling, scraping and grinding.1. Remove the fairing systemRemove the lock nut of t Read More

  • Description and solution of shaft breaking of reducer


    Sometimes the shaft of the reducer may be broken. Why does the output shaft of the reducer drive motor break? In order to solve this problem, the cross section of the output shaft of the reducer drive motor device is checked, and it can be seen that the cross section of the output shaft is the same Read More

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