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  • How to select the correct reducer gear


    1. For different types of gear structures, the input and output shafts of helical reducer gears are parallel and vertical, while the axles located in the same vertical plane are arranged. The single-stage worm gear is a 90 degree shaft over the input and output shafts. Correctly select the reducer g Read More

  • How to lubricate cycloidal gear reducer


    The maintenance of the reducer is also a very important link. Open and semi open gear cycloidal pin gear reducer transmission, or closed gear transmission with low speedIt is usually lubricated periodically by people, and the lubricant used is lubricating oil or grease. The lubrication of cycloid pi Read More

  • How to solve the early pitting corrosion of cycloid pin gear reducer


    How to solve the early pitting corrosion of cycloid pin gear reducer. The pitting corrosion of cycloid pinwheel reducer must be related to lubricating oil, and it should also be closely related to the material of cycloid pinwheel reducer. The normal use process will have certain processing specifica Read More

  • Motion mechanism of cycloidal pinwheel reducer


    Motion mechanism of cycloidal pinwheel reducerAt present, cycloid pin gear reducer is used in the mechanism of transmitting power and motion. It has a wide range of applications. It can be seen in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, processing machines and automatic production equip Read More

  • Installation of cycloid gear in cycloid pin gear reducer


    All transmission devices of cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part.The input shaft rotates with the eccentric sleeve for one cycle. Due to the characteristics of the tooth profile curve on the cycloid gear and the limitation of the n Read More

  • The application of planetary reducer in mining machinery is summarized


    In order to meet the rapid increase of China's coal demand, the power of coal mining devices has doubled, and users' requirements for mechanical transmission have become higher. The traditional fixed shaft transmission structure has been unable to meet the existing working requirements. Planetary re Read More

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