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  • How to install the planetary reducer? How to install the reducer?


    1. When in use, the connecting rod of the output shaft coupling shall be fixed to ensure that the two shafts are parallel to the base and the diameter bolts to be installed are installed appropriately to ensure the reliable closing of the reduction motor.2. All equipment shafts installed on the outp Read More

  • Why must the motor be equipped with a reducer?


    The reducer is also a speed reducer, but usually the speed reducer is used to slow down. It is habitually called the reducer; Generally, the reducer has a fixed transmission ratio and is adjustable, but it is usually adjusted by stages. It's easy for everyone to think that there is an adjustable red Read More

  • Briefly describe the difference between planetary reducer and gear reducer


    Planetary reducer and gear reducer are two kinds of common reduction equipment. They have different structures, technical parameters, transmission efficiency, reduction range and application scenarios; The planetary reducer has small structure, small well meeting interval, high accuracy, long servic Read More

  • How to measure temperature rise during reducer operation


    1) Thermometer method: This is the simplest method to directly measure temperature, and alcohol thermometer is often used for measurement. During measurement, the thermometer can be placed close to the surface of the bearing to be measured or the stator core to read the temperature indication. When Read More

  • Why does the reducer have axial displacement


    During the operation of the reducer, axial displacement sometimes occurs, which often leads to poor meshing of the mechanical gears, and then unilateral meshing problems, affecting the normal operation of the reducer. Then, why does the reducer have axial displacement? On this issue, we made the fol Read More

  • Several things to know when buying planetary gear reducer


    The demand for planetary gear reducers is constantly increasing, and it is indispensable on many occasions. In order to let everyone buy planetary gear reducers of good quality, next we will talk about what should be paid attention to when shopping. Many people may not know it yet. Let's talk about Read More

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