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How to solve the early pitting corrosion of reducer?

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How to solve the early pitting corrosion of reducer?

How to solve the early pitting corrosion of reducer. Pitting corrosion must be related to lubricating oil, and it should also be closely related to the material of reducer. The normal use process will have certain processing specifications. Another point is caused by the local overload caused by poor gear contact. The local overload of the gear makes the actual contact stress greatly exceed the allowable contact stress of the gear material. Some gears can not reach the full tooth length contact, or only contact at one end of the tooth, or even diagonal contact. The following is a detailed description of Shanghai Jinchuan reducer for us.
1、 Impact of material and handling specifications
The correct selection of gear material, the matching of service load and the selection and matching of heat treatment hardness are also the reasons affecting the early pitting corrosion.
2、 Influence of lubricating oil
The unreasonable lubrication of gear transmission and the improper selection of lubricant are also the reasons affecting the early pitting corrosion. Ways to prevent early pitting corrosion of reducer gear:
(1) Reasonable lubrication of gear reducer transmission and selection of appropriate lubricant.
(2) Improve the gear installation accuracy of the reducer and ensure the contact accuracy of the gear.
For the center drive reducer, if it is not well investigated during assembly and installation, there may be asynchrony between the left and right transmission and poor load sharing effect. In this case, the transmission gear on one side may not bear the load, while the transmission gear on the other side is overloaded (up to twice the design load), which is easy to cause progressive early pitting corrosion on the tooth surface. For more information, welcome to Shanghai Jinchuan reducer for consultation.


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