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Comprehensive analysis of the damage status of gear reducer

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Comprehensive analysis of the damage status of gear reducer

Every company expects a high-end product structure to win high-profit stores, but product upgrades must have proper soil cooperation, and cultivating this soil is a step-by-step process, especially in gearbox manufacturing: first, high-skills Training needs of talents For many years, the accumulation of professional skills like speed reducers is particularly important. Although there are many technical schools in China, the training of high-tech talents is not a matter of cultivating one or two students. Secondly, China's current high-end gearbox manufacturing industry still faces some difficulties. Many talents flow to the government and state-owned enterprises, lack of intellectual property rights guarantees, lack of financing channels in the manufacturing industry, low integrity of the shopping malls, and greed and corruption. Technology is different. These difficulties are not something that can be changed overnight. Although the government is trying to improve these questions, there are still some bottlenecks in the current development of high-end reducer professions. Therefore, too fast product upgrades can be difficult to achieve.
If the country is transformed by the manufacturer of the medium- and low-end reducer gear reducer, it will affect the entire operation, and the cause will be misrepresented. It is the company’s death in excessive financing, which affects the career development and should be the first oil change. In the future application, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly, and the impurities or oil must be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, the speed reducer for long-term continuous operation, the new oil should be replaced by work or once a year, and the reducer that is deactivated for a long time should be replaced with new oil before working from the beginning. The reducer should come with the same oil as the trademark. It should not be mixed with the oil of different trademarks. The oil with the same viscosity and different viscosity should be mixed and used. When changing the oil, wait for the reducer to cool down without burning. Stop the temperature, but still stick to the temperature. Heat, because the viscosity of the oil increases after thorough cooling, and it is difficult to drain the oil. It is necessary to block the power supply of the transmission to avoid unintentional energization. In the operation, when the temperature rise of the oil exceeds the temperature of the oil pool and the abnormal noise occurs, the operation should be stopped. Check the reason and replace the lubricating oil before it can work continuously. The rules and regulations that the user should have, carefully record the problems found in the working condition of the reducer, and the above rules should be strictly enforced.
The fatigue reduction of the gear reducer rack occurs in the low speed gear. Investigating the whole gear meshing condition, it was found that the meshing gear showed a large area of pitting corrosion due to the fatigue of the touch, and the mottled dense surface. The width of the single chip etch pit was 2 pieces of the center transition gear shaft, and the low speed shaft big gear fell 2 pieces. Investigate the cracking condition of the four racks that have fallen off: the deep gray resistant fiber-like fracture in the middle, there is a significant indentation on the meshing pitch circle, and the prosthesis is that the No. 1 rack first falls off, and the kneading causes the rack to be cracked. The fracture is The normal fracture arrangement of the broken teeth of the overloaded work fatigue failure. The surface is light gray, smooth and shiny, and the broken teeth are transgranular cleavage fractures, which are abnormal brittle fractures.


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