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Introduction to the installation method of cycloid reducer

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Introduction to the installation method of cycloid reducer

Generally, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer is divided into flanged and dedicated motor direct connection type. Ordinary motor with flange directly separates the motor and the flange connection part, which is more convenient to disassemble. Generally speaking, it is not a problem. Generally, the end of the motor is erected on the ground, starting from the end of the output shaft, the oil seal is removed, the end cover is removed from the base, and the pendulum piece, eccentric bearing, and needle housing are taken out in turn. Generally, disassembly is not a problem, but the installation of the cycloid pinwheel reducer is very particular, especially the swing piece must not be installed incorrectly.

Introduction to the installation method of cycloid reducer

1. When buying the cycloidal wheel, check whether the two cycloidal wheels are a pair. The manufacturing of the cycloid is based on a pair (ie one pair) as a unit. The purchase is also a one-to-one or one-to-one purchase. The single cycloidal pin wheel of each payment cannot be exchanged, and the two wheels of the cycloidal wheel are not separated during the production process. The concept of a pair is that two cycloidal wheels can be completely overlapped (that is, when the side with the steel stamp is placed upwards at the same time), the bearing hole is expanded, and the ten holes (shaft pin holes) and the external tooth type are completely overlapped at the same time. It looks like a piece from the front. If it can be completely overlapped, it proves to be a pair and cannot overlap. The description is not a pair and cannot be used. note. The cycloid wheel is there anyway. There are marks on the cycloidal wheel, and the marked side must face up during installation. The markings of each pair of cycloidal wheels are also different. The position of the typed number mark is different for each manufacturer. The mark position of domestic manufacturers is generally coincident position mark (mark position coincides), but there are also installation position marks. No matter where the mark is, it is just an auxiliary means to help check whether it is a pair of wheels.

2. Rotate one of the cycloidal wheels 180 degrees. That is, when the middle bearing hole and the ten holes are completely overlapped, the external tooth profile is just misaligned. The position of the tooth heel of the upper piece is exactly the position of the tooth top of the lower piece. note. The relative position of these two wheels must be remembered. It's best to mark it yourself. Or remember the position of the original mark on the wheel. (This is a cycloidal wheel with a single tooth difference. The two-tooth difference does not need to rotate 180 degrees)

3. Put a piece of cycloid into the needle gear shell. Turn it by hand to see if it is smooth. Whether to swing.

4. Insert the eccentric bearing. Because the bearing hole of the cycloid is equivalent to the outer shell of the eccentric bearing. Therefore, the correct position of the eccentric bearing is that the bearing hole of the lower cycloidal gear completely contains the cylindrical ball of the eccentric bearing.

5. Put in the spacer ring. It is an iron ring smaller than the cycloid, (now some of them are not iron)

6. Put in another cycloidal wheel. The most important thing is to put this wheel. The stamped characters of this cycloidal wheel must be upwards as well as the characters of the bottom cycloidal wheel, and the stamped characters of the upper and lower cycloidal wheels must be staggered by 180 degrees, and they must be in a straight line. The characters of the upper and lower cycloids are not placed together! This point must be paid special attention! (Note: Individual manufacturers have already made the installation coincidence mark on the cycloid wheel, but the exception is that, but the upper and lower two cycloid wheels of all Changzhou-made cycloid pinwheel reducers must be staggered by 180 degrees!)

7. Put the shaft sleeve correspondingly in the hole of the cycloid, and turn it by hand to see if it can turn. Check if the installation is correct. If it can rotate smoothly, you can install the base part to synthesize a complete cycloidal pinwheel reducer, ha ha! At this point, you can be considered as done


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