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What is the function of automobile gearbox

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What is the function of automobile gearbox

The automobile gearbox can change the transmission ratio, expand the variation range of driving wheel torque and speed, so as to adapt to the frequently changing driving conditions, and make the engine work under favorable working conditions (high speed and low fuel consumption); In addition, when the rotation direction of the engine remains unchanged, the vehicle can travel backwards; The transmission can also use neutral gear to interrupt power transmission, enable the engine to start and idle, and facilitate transmission shift or power output. As an important device in the automobile transmission system, the speed and output torque of the automobile change in a large range, but the torque and speed output by the piston engine adopted by the automobile can not reach this transformation range, so in this case, the transmission is added to the automobile transmission system, In order to facilitate the owner to switch from starting to low-speed and high-speed driving in the process of vehicle use. Since the automobile gearbox is so important, please pay more attention to the automobile maintenance.
Gearbox maintenance is the most complex system in vehicle repair. A new gearbox costs tens of thousands of yuan at least and more than 100000 yuan at most. Because car owners know little about maintenance knowledge, general small repair shops like to buy some cheap gearboxes to deceive car owners. In addition to hoodwinking the owner with the refurbished gearbox, the maintenance cost of the gearbox is also relatively chaotic. Industry insiders said that due to the high cost of replacing a new gearbox, many consumers choose to repair, but in fact, many gearbox faults can not even be repaired by some 4S stores. Due to the difficulty of maintenance and the fact that this piece is still a blind spot for consumers, Repairers often quote at will. Therefore, once there is a problem with the gearbox, it must be repaired in a repair shop with a large number of professional technicians and a full set of original accessories and tools, so as to ensure the maintenance quality of the gearbox.


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