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What conditions should be met when selecting the coupling of the reducer

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What conditions should be met when selecting the coupling of the reducer

The selection of coupling on reducer mainly considers the speed of transmission shaft, the size of load and the installation accuracy of two connecting parts. It is not enough to consider these alone. We also need to have different characteristics according to the rotation stability, price and other factors and different types of couplings, so that we can select the appropriate coupling for the reducer. Now let's explain the three conditions that should be met when selecting the coupling of the reducer by the small editor of the reducer, hoping to help you.
1. Due to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and temperature change, it is difficult to maintain the strict and accurate alignment of the two shafts after installation and adjustment. There is a certain degree of displacement in the X and Y directions, and there is a deflection angle CI. When the radial displacement is large, the slider coupling can be selected; When the angular displacement is large, or when two intersecting shafts are connected, the coupling can be selected. When two shafts produce large additional relative displacement during operation, flexible coupling shall be used.
2. Working speed of coupling and its centrifugal force. For high-speed drive shafts, couplings with high balancing accuracy, such as diaphragm couplings, should be used instead of eccentric slider couplings.
3. Magnitude and nature of transmitted torque and requirements for damping function. For example, for high-power heavy-duty transmissions, gear couplings can be used. For severe impact loads or drives that require elimination of shaft torsional vibration, tire couplings can be used.
The above three points are all about the three conditions that should be met when selecting the coupling of the reducer. Thank you for your understanding and support!


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