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What are the reasons for the burning of the reducer motor?

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What are the reasons for the burning of the motor of the helical reducer? A small editor will introduce you one by one:

1. The compressor starts frequently. In the process of starting the motor, the starting current is still several times of the rated current although it is started by reducing the voltage, so the temperature rises quickly during the starting of the motor. If the refrigeration capacity range of the refrigeration unit is not properly selected, and the control exceeds the compressor start stop frequency range, the compressor will be frequently started and shut down, which will shorten the service life of the compressor motor.

2. The system is not cleaned up after the motor is burned out. For the system with compressor burning failure, the system must be thoroughly cleaned, because strong acid will be generated and stay in the system when the motor is burned out. If the treatment is not clean, when the new motor is running, the residual acid will corrode the motor insulation layer, causing the new motor to burn out again.

3. The cleanliness of the planetary reducer system is not enough. The most important problem is the presence of water, which will lead to poor motor insulation; The water, refrigerant and refrigerant oil circulate in the system. After high and low temperature changes, acidic substances will be produced, which will damage the insulation layer of the motor. Long time operation will lead to poor motor insulation and burn the motor.

4. When the compressor rotating parts are stuck, if the motor protection action fails, the motor may be overloaded and burned. The compressor is stuck because there are foreign matters in the compressor, the oil is thrown without lubrication, the parts are loose, the body is overheated and sintered, and the bearing is worn.

5. Unstable power supply Poor quality of power supply, such as too high or too low voltage (mostly for self generating power supply), has a negative impact on the motor, especially when it is used beyond the rated voltage range of the compressor. Long term operation makes the motor in a low efficiency and overheating state, resulting in poor insulation and motor burning. In addition, three-phase voltage or current imbalance will also cause motor loss (iron loss and copper loss) to increase and motor coil temperature to rise. If the motor insulation is damaged due to improper protection, adverse consequences will occur.


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