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What are the instructions for the use of cycloid pin gear reducer

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What are the instructions for the use of cycloid pin gear reducer

Instructions for use of cycloidal pinwheel reducer:
1. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer: suitable for 24-hour continuous working system, and allows forward and reverse operation.
2. The rotation direction of the output shaft of the single-stage cycloidal pinwheel reducer is opposite to that of the input shaft, and the rotation direction of the output shaft of the double-stage cycloidal pinwheel reducer is the same as that of the input shaft.
3. Cycloid pin gear reducer has no self-locking effect.
4. The output shaft of cycloidal pinwheel reducer cannot bear axial force.
5. Overload protection devices shall be installed where overload may occur.
6. The foot plate type horizontal cycloidal pin wheel reducer shall be installed on a very solid horizontal foundation without vibration. In the application occasions where inclined installation is necessary, the inclination of the reducer axis shall not be greater than ± 15 °.
7. When installing the flange type vertical cycloidal pinwheel reducer, the output shaft is vertically downward.
8. If other special installation forms other than foot plate horizontal installation and flange vertical installation are required, corresponding lubrication and sealing measures must be taken to ensure sufficient lubrication of the reducer and prevent oil leakage.
9. The installation angle of the cycloidal pin gear reducer lubricated with grease is free.
10. When installing the reducer, the cushion block can be used for adjustment. The cushion block shall not exceed three in the height direction, or the wedge can be used for adjustment. However, the flat cushion block must be replaced after deceleration calibration.
11. In the application occasions with large impact, vibration or frequent starting, the base and foundation shall be connected with anchor bolts and reinforced with locating pins (self provided).
12. The shaft extension form of the input shaft and output shaft of the standard cycloidal pinwheel reducer is cylindrical, which is connected by ordinary flat keys. Tolerance root number of shaft diameter dimension H6. The size of ordinary flat key shall comply with -79 type and size of ordinary flat key. The joint of connecting flange shall be matched according to (H9) of - 79.
13. When coupling is used to connect the cycloid pin gear reducer with the supporting machinery, elastic coupling is recommended.
14. When the reducer is connected with the coupling of the machinery to be matched, the concentricity of the two axial lines shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.
15. When cycloid pin gear reducer is connected with gear and sprocket, the parallelism of their axis lines must be ensured.
16. When the sprocket is used for transmission, do not loose the gear chain, otherwise an impact force will be generated during starting.
17. When coupling, gear, sprocket and other connecting parts are connected to the output shaft of cycloidal pin gear reducer, the method of direct hammering shall not be adopted. The bolt shall be screwed in through the screw hole at the shaft extension end and pressed in through the pressing plate.
18. The installed reducer must be put into trial operation before formal use. When the no-load operation is normal, it can be loaded gradually.
Cycloidal pinwheel reducer: speed ratio of cycloidal pinwheel reducer
Single stage transmission ratio: 9, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, (39), 43, (47), 59, 71, 87
Two stage transmission ratio: (11 * 11), (17 * 11), (17 * 17), (29 * 17)
The two-stage transmission ratio is the product of two single-stage transmission ratios. The above is commonly used.


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