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What are the differences between gear reducer and worm reducer?

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1、 Transmission principle

Gear transmission - it mainly depends on the tooth profile of the driving gear to drive the tooth profile of the driven gear.

Worm gear transmission - mainly depends on the sliding friction of the tooth surface of the driving worm when the worm gear is engaged, so that the relative motion of the tooth surface of the worm gear can be achieved.

2、 Advantages of gear transmission

The reducer box body can transmit the motion and power between any axis in the space, that is, the axis can be parallel, crossed or staggered; Smooth rotation, large transmission range, multi-stage gear transmission design, wide application range, long service life, high efficiency (90%~99%), the box is mainly made of cast iron, beautiful appearance and compact structure. Under normal conditions, the working environment temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Compared with similar products, this product has the characteristics of large speed change range, compact structure, convenient installation and so on. It can be widely used in the deceleration mechanism of various mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, hoisting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction, etc.

3、 Disadvantages of gear transmission

Gear, box processing equipment, gear processing, gear grinding process, assembly technology and other requirements are more stringent, so the manufacturing cost is high. Gear transmission has no overload protection, does not have self-locking performance, and requires additional braking devices. The noise is relatively large, and the single-stage gear transmission speed ratio is small (generally not more than 1:7). Liquid lubricating oil must be added

4、 Advantages of worm drive

The single-stage reducer can obtain a large transmission ratio (generally 5~100), compact structure, and can be used with lubricating oil or grease. Stable transmission, low noise, large speed ratio can achieve self-locking performance, etc. Small single-stage + large single-stage reducer can increase the total speed ratio, torque and other advantages. The application range can be further expanded and the manufacturing cost is relatively low.

5、 Disadvantages of worm drive

The transmission meshing efficiency is relatively low. The greater the speed ratio, the lower the efficiency. The output form can only be straight and vertical, which has certain restrictions on the application occasions. The worm gear casting copper material process is complex, and the cost of small batch production is high.

Helical gear reducer can not be self-locking, that is to say, driven variable active, active variable driven; The worm gear reducer can be self-locking, which can only be worm driven and irreversible. And the former allows long-time operation, while the latter does not allow long-time operation. The former has a higher transmission efficiency, while the latter has a lower transmission efficiency, which means that the former has a small heating, while the latter has a large heating and needs more lubrication.


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