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What are the common problems of worm reducer

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What are the common problems of worm reducer

Worm reducer is widely used, but there will also be many problems. What are the common problems of worm reducer? How to solve the problem? Next, Zhejiang Xinghai reducer Co., Ltd. will analyze and solve it for you.
1. Heat and oil leakage of reducer. In order to improve the efficiency of worm gear reducer, non-ferrous metal is generally used as worm gear, and the worm is made of hard steel. Because it is sliding friction transmission, it will produce high heat during operation, resulting in differences in thermal expansion between various parts and seals of reducer, resulting in gaps on various mating surfaces, and the oil becomes thinner due to the increase of temperature, which is easy to cause leakage. There are four main reasons: first, whether the material matching is reasonable; second, the surface quality of the meshing and friction surface; third, whether the selection and addition amount of lubricating oil are correct; fourth, the assembly quality and use environment.
2 worm gear is worn. The worm gear is generally made of tin bronze. The matched worm material is generally hardened to hrc45-55 with 45 steel, and 40C: Hardened hrc50-55 is also commonly used. It is ground to the roughness Rao. 8 FCM by the worm grinder. During normal operation of the reducer, the worm is like a hardened "file", which keeps filing the worm gear, causing wear to the worm gear. Generally speaking, this kind of wear is very slow. Like some reducers in a factory, they can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear speed is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of reducer is correct, whether there is overload operation, the material of worm gear, assembly quality or service environment.
3. The transmission pinion is worn. It usually occurs on the reducer installed vertically, which is mainly related to the addition amount of lubricating oil and the selection of lubricating oil. During vertical installation, it is easy to cause insufficient lubricating oil. When the reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer loses, the gear does not get due lubrication protection, and the effective lubrication is not obtained during startup or operation, resulting in mechanical wear and even damage.
4. The worm bearing is damaged. When the worm reducer breaks down, even if the reducer is well sealed, the factory often finds that the gear oil in the reducer has been emulsified and the bearing has been rusted, corroded and damaged. This is because the gear oil is formed by the condensation of water generated after heating and cooling during the operation and shutdown of the reducer; Of course, it is also closely related to bearing quality and assembly process.


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