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What are the common faults of mixing reducer? How to solve it?

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What are the common faults of mixing reducer? How to solve it?

Through the recent return visit to customers, we found that although there are instructions, some customers still don't know much about the mixing reducer, ignore some places that should be paid attention to, and can't give full play to the full performance of the special reducer for the mixer. Today, we'll discuss the disassembly and maintenance methods of the mixing reducer with you, I hope I can bring you help for reference.
The mixing reducer will inevitably have some problems after long-term operation, which requires maintenance. Here are the disassembly and maintenance methods of the reducer:
1. Causes of abnormal vibration fault: it is mostly caused by poor fixation of transmission device, such as worm gear wear or damage, bearing wear or damage, and bolt looseness.
Solution: repair or replace the worm gear and tighten the bolts.
2. Causes of noise fault of reducer: poor meshing of worm gear and worm, bearing damage or excessive clearance, insufficient lubricating oil, which are likely to have foreign matters entering.
Solution: repair the tooth contact surface, henghuan bearing, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil according to the instructions, remove foreign matters, and use the oil filter to treat the lubricating oil or replace the lubricating oil.
Disassembly method:
How to remove the upper housing of gear reducer? If the reducer has half coupling, remove the half coupling first. Remove the fixing bolts and put away the nuts. Don't lose them. Don't underestimate this work. Pay attention to it at ordinary times. Check the upper housing for defects and cracks. Mark the assembly mark and remove the bearing end cap. First check whether there are missing bolts and other abnormalities. After confirmation, jack up the upper shell with jackscrew, lift it and put it on the prepared base plate.


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