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The application of planetary reducer in mining machinery is summarized

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The application of planetary reducer in mining machinery is summarized

In order to meet the rapid increase of China's coal demand, the power of coal mining devices has doubled, and users' requirements for mechanical transmission have become higher. The traditional fixed shaft transmission structure has been unable to meet the existing working requirements. Planetary reducer is applied to coal mining machinery.
The planetary gear transmission of planetary reducer has the characteristics of power diversion. Each central wheel can form a coaxial linear transmission, and the internal meshing gear pair is reasonably applied, so it has the advantages of light weight, small volume, compact structure and strong bearing capacity. In addition, the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure balances the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm bearing, which is conducive to improving the transmission efficiency; Multiple planetary gears with the same structure are adopted, which are evenly distributed around the center wheel, so that the inertia force of the planetary gear and the rotating arm is balanced with each other, the number of meshing gears is increased, the planetary transmission can operate smoothly, the ability to resist impact and vibration is increased, and the working reliability is higher; By selecting the appropriate planetary gear transmission type and gear matching scheme, a few gears can be used to obtain a large transmission ratio.
The structural performance analysis of planetary reducer is as follows:
The output bearing is distributed at both ends of the output shaft to maximize the bearing distance * * * and realize the maximization of radial force * * *. The bearing series is self-aligning roller bearing, which not only meets the bearing capacity, but also realizes the compensation of machining and installation errors; The output mode adopts internal spline output, which meets the * * * large radial force output by the transmission shaft reducer; In order to improve the working efficiency, mechanical friction should be avoided as far as possible. A bearing is added in front of the intermediate sun gears at all levels to prevent mechanical friction between planet carriers and reduce noise and temperature rise; The planet carrier and the middle sun gear are connected by splines to ensure sufficient torque transmission. The connection with the middle sun gear enhances the axial positioning of the pin shaft and prevents the overall axial series movement of the planet carrier caused by uneven centrifugal force during high-speed operation of the reducer.
In order to make the design of planetary reducer more reasonable and better performance, low carbon alloy steel is used as gear material. The accuracy grade of the external gear can reach grade 6. The tooth surface is carburized to maintain toughness and improve the hardness of the tooth surface.


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