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Reasons for poor oil return and leakage of cycloidal pinwheel reducer

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Reasons for poor oil return and leakage of cycloidal pinwheel reducer

The oil leakage of cycloidal pinwheel reducer is one of the common problems of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is also a headache. We need to pay close attention to how to effectively control the oil leakage. Whether the oil return of cycloid pinwheel reducer is smooth is also a main reason for oil leakage of cycloid pinwheel reducer.
Assuming that the oil leakage is caused by the poor quality of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, clean the oil leakage with gasoline and other cleaning agents, then inject hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 20%, take out the hydrochloric acid one day later and clean it, rely on chemical reaction to generate ferrous oxide to choke and plug the sand eye or gap.
The smooth flow of return oil is to enable the oil that may leak out to flow back to the box more smoothly. It is assumed that the oil splashed on the inner wall of the oil tank must flow back to the oil pool in the tank faster. Therefore, the inner wall of the box cover of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer is made into an arc shape.
Prevent the cycloid pin gear reducer from causing the oil to stop at the storage device of the shaft head, and prevent the oil from slowly leaking to the box along the shaft head. The shaft head adopts an oil groove sealing device. When the lower end of the oil groove is opened, there is oil return essence, which can make the oil accumulated in the oil groove flow back to the inner surface of the box to avoid leakage.
The oil return device with rectangular section on the threading surface of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer chassis base can make the oil flying on the wall inside the box cover fall down along the inner wall, gather in the oil return groove and then flow back to the oil pool. The size of the return groove can be determined according to the requirements of the test. The single return groove of the box seat of some cycloidal pinwheel reducers is relatively small and can not really play the role of return.


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