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Planetary reducer helps robot industry

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Planetary reducer helps robot industry

Planetary reducer is an intermediate device connecting the power source and the actuator. Usually, it decelerates the power of high-speed operation such as motor by meshing the pinion on the input shaft with the large gear on the output shaft, and transmits greater torque. It is widely used in automation equipment. For robots, Planetary reducer is an essential core component. Different from the planetary reducer used in conventional automation equipment, because the general robot will continue to perform repetitive actions during work, the requirements for positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are very high. Moreover, compared with large automation equipment, robots, especially light robots, have small volume and light weight, so they are regarded as core parts, Planetary reducer should also meet the requirements of lightweight.
At present, the reducers used in industrial robots mainly include planetary reducer (rectangular coordinate robot), harmonic reducer and RV Reducer (joint robot). As the name suggests, the planet rotates around the star. The planetary reducer has three planetary gears rotating around a sun gear. The planetary reducer has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation and low noise. It has the characteristics of power split and multi tooth meshing, and is widely used in industry.
However, when a set of planetary gears can not meet the larger transmission ratio, two or three sets are required to meet the user's requirements for larger transmission ratio. Therefore, the number of planetary gears is increased, the volume will become larger and can not meet the requirements. Therefore, planetary reducers are mostly used in right angle marking robots. Precision planetary reducer, flange output, firm installation; It can reduce the speed of the motor and increase the output torque at the same time. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high output torque, high stability, low noise, long service life and wide adaptability to the motor.
Driven by the development of robot industry, domestic manufacturers have realized the importance of planetary reducer and made continuous progress. In terms of planetary reducer, domestic manufacturers have gradually narrowed the gap with foreign products, and are constantly seeking breakthroughs in planetary reducer. In recent years, the state has also issued relevant policies to vigorously support. I believe that under the background of market prosperity and policy support, the rise of planetary reducer is just around the corner.


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