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Installation of shaft mounted reducer and precautions and installation of reducer

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Installation of shaft mounted reducer and precautions and installation of reducer

Installation of shaft mounted reducer and precautions and installation of reducer. The following is about the installation of shaft mounted reducer in Shanghai; Precautions for installation and use of reducer; Use, maintenance and precautions of gear reducer. Take a look at the details below.
1、 Installation of shaft mounted reducer
(1) Installation relationship between reducer and working machine
In order to avoid the deflection of the main shaft of the working machine and the additional force on the bearing of the reducer, the distance between the reducer and the working machine shall be as small as possible without affecting the normal operation, with a value of 5-10mm.
(2) Connection between reducer and working machine
The reducer is directly sleeved on the main shaft of the working machine. When the reducer operates, the counter torque acting on the reducer box body is balanced by the counter torque support installed on the reducer box body or other methods. The machine is directly matched, and the other end is connected with the fixed support.
(3) Installation of counter torque support
The counter moment support shall be installed on the side of the working machine facing the reducer to reduce the bending moment attached to the working machine shaft. The shaft sleeve at the connecting end of the counter torque support and the fixed support uses elastomers such as rubber to prevent deflection and absorb the torque fluctuation.
2、 Use, maintenance and precautions of gear reducer
(1) When disassembling the reducer, try to avoid hammering to avoid damaging normal parts.
(2) If oil leakage is found at the shaft extension or connection during use, replace the framework oil seal and other seals in time.
(3) The reducer adopts 460# medium load industrial gear oil, and the working ambient temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃.
(4) After the first use for 100 hours, the inner cavity shall be cleaned and replaced with new gear oil, and then the oil shall be replaced every 2000 hours.
3、 Precautions for installation and use of reducer
(1) The reducer shall be firmly installed on a stable and horizontal foundation or base, the oil in the oil drain tank shall be drained, and the cooling air circulation shall be smooth. The foundation is unreliable, which will cause vibration and noise during operation, and cause damage to bearings and gears. When the transmission coupling has protrusions or adopts gear and sprocket transmission, it shall be considered to install protective devices. When the output shaft bears large radial load, the reinforced type shall be selected.
(2) Install the device according to the regulations to ensure that the staff can easily access the oil standard, vent plug and oil drain plug. After the installation in place, the accuracy of the installation position and the reliability of the compression of each fastener shall be comprehensively checked in order. It shall be able to rotate flexibly after installation. The reducer adopts oil pool splash lubrication. Before operation, the user needs to remove the plug of the vent hole and replace the vent plug. According to different installation positions, open the screw of the oil level plug, check the height of the oil level line, add oil from the oil level plug until the lubricating oil overflows from the screw hole of the oil level plug, screw on the oil level plug, and then conduct no-load test run, which shall not be less than 2 hours. The operation shall be stable without impact, vibration, noise and oil leakage. Any abnormality shall be eliminated in time.
(3) When installing the reducer, attention shall be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the error shall not be greater than the use compensation of the coupling used. Good alignment can prolong service life and obtain ideal transmission efficiency.
(4) When installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to knock it with a hammer. Generally, the assembly fixture and the internal thread at the shaft end are used to press the transmission part in with bolts, otherwise the internal parts of the reducer may be damaged. Rigid fixed couplings shall not be used. Improper installation of such couplings will cause unnecessary external load, resulting in early damage of bearings and even fracture of output shaft in serious cases.


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