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How to use and maintain gear reducer

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How to use and maintain gear reducer

In recent years, the gear reducer has been widely used in the machining industry. We must improve our mastery of the basic knowledge of the gear reducer. Only in this way can we better operate the gear reducer in the future.

Measures / specific steps:

1. Pay attention to the construction of reducer assembly site. For the assembly of the reducer, the ground shall be flat and the ventilation conditions shall be as good as possible. It is necessary to know that the assembly site will have a great impact on the use of the reducer in the future.

2. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the reducer. You can't only use it without maintenance. This is a big taboo for the use of the reducer. What a good equipment, without maintenance, its service life should be reduced by at least one third.

Therefore, the daily maintenance of the reducer is very important. The daily maintenance of the reducer involves the use and replacement of lubricating oil, the inspection of whether everything is normal, such as the assembly foundation, seals and transmission shaft, and the maintenance of key parts such as the shell.

The reducer cleaning and maintenance machine uses the original oil supply and drainage system of the reducer and the filtered old oil to realize the functions of cleaning the reducer, rapid filtration of waste oil and filling new oil. The hardware facilities and cleaning agent are not changed during the operation process, which ensures the safe operation of the reducer and increases the service life.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance when the reducer is out of service. When the reducer is out of service, the customer can't ignore it. Like a car, it's no problem to drive every day, but if it's a year, regardless of the sun and rain, you may want to drive again, you need to go to the garage first. When the reducer is idle, pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance according to the provisions of the operation manual. When it is reused, it can be ensured that it can be used immediately without accidental failure.


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