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How to install the planetary reducer? How to install the reducer?

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1. When in use, the connecting rod of the output shaft coupling shall be fixed to ensure that the two shafts are parallel to the base and the diameter bolts to be installed are installed appropriately to ensure the reliable closing of the reduction motor.

2. All equipment shafts installed on the output shaft must be installed with care. Do not hit the output shaft with a hammer or other blunt tools to avoid bearing damage due to tight installation.

3. The belt pulley and sprocket shall be assembled as close to the cargo gear as possible to help reduce the bending stress of the bearing. Sprockets, pulleys and other connecting shafts with an output shaft diameter not exceeding 6 times shall be used. Please fit H7 tolerance during use to avoid noise and any abnormal damage to the axial plane during use.

4. After the installation is completed, the output shaft surface can be coated with appropriate antirust oil or antirust agent to protect the output shaft from rust.

5. According to the power supply voltage, select the appropriate wiring mode to connect the electrical junction box. Incorrect wiring of the junction box will cause the motor to burn. According to the rated current on the motor nameplate, it is recommended that 5A/m · M select the current density of power line to wire with appropriate size.

6. When you use the driver with braking function to supply power to the reducer, you need to separately supply 220V AC power to the brake wire (yellow), and the power supply should be synchronized with the reducer.

7. The gearbox oil of the reduction motor has bulged and fitted well. Do not add oil before use. If it is normally used for more than 10000 hours, 0 non lubricating grease can be added properly.

8. After installation, recheck whether the installation code of the reducer motor is flat, and ensure that there is nothing on the top of the motor, otherwise the motor will be burnt.


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