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How to improve the life of reducer

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How to improve the life of reducer

Friends who have contacted the reducer know that the service life of the reducer is determined by the external load and internal wear rate. The excessive load on the surface and inside of the reducer may cause the fracture of teeth, the fracture of shaft and the wear of moving parts, and the wear of moving parts may cause the formation of smooth oil film to be difficult. Therefore, under the condition that the reducer has been in the first shape and the hard tooth surface gear is used, the methods to improve its service life are as follows:

First, it is necessary to avoid excessive external load of the components driven by the reducer.

Second, the wear of the internal bearing or gear of the reducer shall be controlled at a reasonable scale.

Third, we should try our best to ensure that the bearing internal and gear mesh surface meet the hydrodynamic smooth oil film.

1 install the reducer correctly to avoid excessive additional force

It is necessary for the reducer device to meet the corresponding device requirements, so as to avoid large additional force (i.e. adding external load) due to poor alignment, lack of cooperation accuracy, excessive vibration and other reasons, and then accelerate the damage of the reducer. This kind of fault should be found and dealt with in time in the early stage or in the work, otherwise, it can vibrate the load and cause abnormal conditions such as accelerated wear or bearing running ring, so as to reduce the service life of the reducer.

2 timely repair the driven parts and reducer to avoid excessive load in the reducer.

The components driven by the reducer can have excessive external load due to wear, crud, crack or damage of the bearing. Therefore, in the ordinary maintenance work, it is necessary to formulate and implement targeted spot check and repair specifications to avoid excessive external load, and then reduce the service life of the reducer. For example, the reducer itself can be monitored by five senses, vibration monitoring, smooth oil ferrography analysis and other detection methods, such as smooth oil, vibration, temperature, noise, etc., so as to find the existing problems or dangers in time, check, correct or replace the damaged parts in time, ensure that the operation condition of the reducer itself meets the planning requirements, and avoid or avoid excessive internal load.

3. Ensure that the bearing and tooth surface structure meet the hydrodynamic smooth oil film.

The composition of full hydrodynamic smooth oil film is the basis for improving the service life of reducer. Here's how:

First, reasonable selection of smooth oil is the key to ensure sufficient smoothness. When selecting the smooth oil, the first consideration should be given to linear speed, limit load, operating temperature, operating environment and other factors, and the smooth oil should be selected reasonably.

There is no doubt about the oil products recommended by the imported reducer manufacturers, but a small amount of smooth oil recommended by the domestic reducer manufacturers is unreasonable. In the same time, when domestic smooth oil is used to replace imported smooth oil, there is an improper situation. This situation is very bad for the service life of the reducer. In a short period of time (1 year), without the smooth oil analysis skills, it is impossible to see the serious consequences of improper use of oil. Therefore, the selection of smooth oil should lead to the attention of satisfaction.

II. Ensure the cleanliness of smooth oil

The thickness of all fluid dynamic smooth oil film of gear and bearing of reducer is also stable under the condition that reducer, smooth oil and external load have been determined. Most of the oil film thickness is between several microns and tens of microns. The abrasive particles and external pollutants in normal operation of reducer can damage the oil film condition and accelerate the wear of relative moving parts (this condition is at the speed of movement High temperature and high pressure will accelerate the transformation of smooth oil. Therefore, reducing the number of abrasive particles in the oil and improving the cleanliness of the smooth oil can greatly improve the smooth parts and smoothness

Service life of oil. For example: after many experiments, SKF Bearing manufacturers have deeply studied the influence of load, oil viscosity, particle pollutants and other factors on bearing life. They have come to the conclusion that the fatigue life of rolling bearings can be extended to 10-50 times of the original life by eliminating 2-5 μ m solid particles in smooth oil. Therefore, to reduce or control the amount of foreign matters in the oil can not only reduce the wear of the equipment, but also extend the service life of the smooth oil.

The specific methods are as follows: the newly participated smooth oil should be free from pollution; the external pollutants (dust, water, etc.) should be avoided from entering the oil when using the oil; the oil tank should be completely cleaned when changing the oil; for important equipment or large and medium-sized reducer, it can be considered to install oil filter to filter the smooth oil online; for equipment requiring high cleanliness or equipment inconvenient to install oil filter, high-precision oil filter equipment can be used to filter the oil periodically. Using smooth oil.

III. avoid the occurrence of smooth accident of reducer

The reducer can dry burn due to oil leakage, and increase wear due to water, dust, slurry, etc., presenting a smooth problem. Therefore, it is necessary to check the dynamic sealing point, vent plug, oil level change and other conditions regularly in the spot check operation, so as to prevent external pollutants from entering the reducer, poor smoothness and dry burning due to lack of oil. For reducers that use cooling water to cool smooth oil or work in open air steam, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the water inflow of smooth oil to avoid the formation of smooth problems due to water inflow.

IV. regularly monitor the smooth oil quality to achieve "oil change according to quality"

In use, the smooth oil can not only cause dust, water and other external pollutants to enter Hunan Province, but also cause aging and metamorphosis due to the constant deceleration of internal abrasive particles, resulting in the early invalidation of lubricating I} oil, and also can prolong the life of Sichuan Province due to the improvement of cleanliness. Therefore, a prescribed oil change form can not meet the needs of the design department.


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