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Gear reducer classification and leakage causes?

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Gear reducer classification and leakage causes?

1. Why grade the gear reducer?
It is to distribute the transmission ratio reasonably. If the transmission ratio distribution is unreasonable, it may lead to excessive structure, imbalance of proportion, increased wear of high-speed wheels, etc. the general transmission ratio distribution is (straight teeth):
Single stage: I < = 5; Level II: I = 8-30; Level III: I = 35-300 (Reference)
2. What are primary and secondary gear reducers?
Draw a diagram to answer this question, please refer to! There are too many words to describe. The three-stage drive only needs to add a gear shaft to the two-stage drive.
3. Is there a three-stage or above gear reducer?
There are few commonly used and special separate designs. If the transmission ratio is large, the "worm gear reducer" can be considered, but it is characterized by low efficiency, and the "planetary reducer" can also be used
1、 Performance characteristics of gear reducer
Gear reducer is the combination of reduction motor and large reducer. Without coupling and adapter, the structure is compact. The load is distributed on the planetary gear, so the bearing capacity is higher than that of the general helical gear reducer. Meet the needs of small space and high torque output.
Gear reducer
It is widely used in large mines, iron and steel, chemical industry, ports, environmental protection and other fields. Greater speed ratio can be obtained when combined with K and R series.
1. Reliable industrial gear transmission elements;
2. Reliable structure combined with multiple inputs to meet special application requirements;
3. It has high power transmission capacity and compact structure, and the gear structure is determined according to the module design principle;
4. Easy to use and maintain, configure and select materials according to technical and engineering conditions;
5. The torque ranges from 360000nm to 1200000nm
2、 Classification of gear reducer
When selecting the reducer, the external dimensions, transmission efficiency, bearing capacity, quality and price of different types and varieties of reducers shall be compared according to the selection conditions of the working machine, technical parameters, performance and economy of the power machine.
The load state of the working machine connected with the reducer is relatively complex and has a great impact on the reducer. It is an important factor in the selection and calculation of the reducer. The load state of the reducer, that is, the load state of the working machine (driven machine), is usually divided into three categories: ① - uniform load, ② - medium impact load and ③ - strong impact load.
3、 Precautions for gear reducer
Causes of leakage of gear reducer
1. Pressure rise in oil tank
In the closed reducer, each pair of gears will generate heat when they are meshed and rubbed. According to Boyle mallott's law, with the extension of operation time, the temperature in the reducer box will gradually increase, while the volume in the reducer box will remain unchanged, so the pressure in the box will increase, and the lubricating oil in the box will splash and sprinkle on the inner wall of the reducer box. Due to the strong permeability of oil, under the pressure in the box, where the seal is not tight, the oil will seep from.
2. Oil leakage caused by unreasonable structural design of reducer
If the designed reducer has no ventilation hood, the reducer cannot achieve pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box and oil leakage.
3. Excessive refueling
During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred severely, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the reducer. If the amount of oil is too much, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate in the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., resulting in leakage.
4. Improper maintenance process
During equipment maintenance, oil leakage will also be caused due to incomplete removal of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealant, reverse installation of seals, untimely replacement of seals, etc.
4 processing scheme editing
Oil leakage of gear reducer
The oil leakage of reducer is repaired and treated with polymer composite materials. Polymer composite materials are made of polymer, metal or ceramic ultra-fine powder and fiber under the action of curing agent and curing accelerator. Various materials learn from each other in performance and produce synergistic effect, which makes the comprehensive performance of the composite better than that of the raw materials. It has strong adhesion, mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, so it is widely used in the repair of mechanical wear, scratch, pit, crack, leakage and casting sand hole of metal equipment, as well as the chemical anti-corrosion protection and repair of various chemical storage tanks, reaction tanks and pipelines.


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