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Failure forms of planetary reducer due to lubricating oil

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The main manifestations of different faults of planetary reducer due to lubricating oil!

1. Vibration and noise caused by environmental pollution: after the reducer is started, the machine vibrates greatly due to wear of gears and bearings or poor transmission device. Bearing damage, gear wear, gear damage or foreign matter jamming will make the machine make a loud and long-lasting harsh sound. The occurrence of these faults will cause serious noise pollution.

2. High oil temperature causes equipment damage. During the operation of the reducer, due to insufficient lubricating oil or overload operation of the equipment, the lubricating oil temperature inside the reducer rises rapidly, resulting in local damage to relevant parts inside the reducer. The internal stress of some devices is not eliminated, resulting in the reduction of reducer accuracy due to large thermal deformation, and some devices are damaged due to the reduction of material strength at high temperature. Some reducers with inflexible operation and serious power loss may be stuck due to foreign matter intrusion during operation, resulting in unstable operation or abnormal vibration.

3. Poor lubrication of gear pair leads to tooth surface wear: due to the adverse impact of the operating environment of planetary reducer, the lubricating oil film is not easy to form itself and can exist stably between the meshing surfaces, resulting in pitting corrosion or friction, wear and deformation on the surface of gear material, bearing cavity and gear shaft diameter in China, until a serious wear occurs on the gear surface structure.

4. Environmental pollution caused by oil leakage: in the reducer, the oil leakage accident caused by oil seal damage, sealing gasket damage, oil plug looseness or oil standard damage may also be too much oil, too high oil level or multiple cold starts, resulting in foaming of lubricating oil, resulting in a large amount of oil leakage of ventilation plug and serious environmental pollution.

5. The design of the internal control structure system of the planetary reducer is not standardized: in the reducer structure, due to the design of the cover plate above the technical inspection hole is too thin, the local information is easy to develop and deform after tightening the screws, resulting in direct contact clearance and oil leakage; In the manufacturing process, there is no problem with the casting, and the deformation capacity leads to a certain gap, resulting in oil leakage, which may be because there is no self-designed oil return groove on the box; When too much lubricating oil accumulates on the joint surface between the end cover of the reducer housing and the structural analysis, the pressure difference causes the lubricating oil to leak out from the joint gap.

The above is an introduction to the fault forms of planetary reducer due to lubricating oil.


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