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Disassembly and assembly process of cycloid reducer

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Cycloid pin gear reducer is widely used in various mechanical equipment because of its advantages such as large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, light weight, small volume, stable operation, convenient disassembly, reliable use and long service life. This article shares the disassembly and installation process of cycloid pin gear reducer and the precautions for lubrication.

disassembly and assembly process

1) Disassemble all components. During disassembly, pay attention to the placing direction of the surface marked with steel seal on the cycloid wheel and the relative position of the two cycloid wheel marks;

2) Carefully clean and inspect the disassembled parts, and replace the damaged parts; After careful inspection, it is found that one bearing on the eccentric sleeve is damaged and the seals of the whole machine are worn to varying degrees. The maintenance plan is to replace the new bearings and all seals;

3) Assembly of output end

(1) As shown in Figure 1, first install the two bearings on the output shaft 1. During the installation process, only the copper rod can be used to gently tap the bearing to prevent damaging the bearing support.

(2) Step 2 install the output shaft into the base. First, level the base 4 with wood, a certain height from the ground, and then install the bearing mounted output shaft 1 into the base 4 → install the fastening ring 2. Pay attention to ensure the coaxiality between the output shaft and the base hole, pad a square wood at the center of the output shaft, and then knock the output shaft into the support with a copper bar.

4) Assembly of input terminal

(1) As shown in Figure 2, install the skeleton oil seal into the big end cover 2 → install the input shaft 1 → install the washer → fix the flat key, and place the installed part on a flat workbench for the installation of subsequent parts;

(2) Place the paper pad → install the needle tooth housing 3 → insert the needle tooth pin needle tooth sleeve 4 → put in the first cycloid wheel (note that the side with steel grade faces upward);

(3) Knock the newly purchased eccentric bearing 6 onto the eccentric sleeve → onto the input shaft 1 → put on the spacer ring 5 → put in the second cycloid wheel 7 (note that the side with steel grade faces upward and is staggered 180 ° from the first plate) → put in the gasket → install the bearing → install the outer retaining ring → place the paper pad, as shown in Figure 3;

(4) Put in the pin sleeve → apply grease → adjust the position of the spacer ring, cycloid wheel and pin sleeve → so as to install the output part;

5) Assembly of input and output terminals

Insert the output end into the input end as shown in Figure 4 → tighten the bolts → install the output end framework oil seal → install the small end cover 3 (as shown in Figure 1) and tighten the bolts. When assembling the input end and output end, pay attention to the direction of the lifting point and the exhaust hole on the needle gear housing, and ensure that the reducer faces upward when it is placed normally.


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