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Detailed explanation of worm gear reducer

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Detailed explanation of worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducer is a kind of transmission machinery with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. It is one of the most commonly used reducers.

Transmission principle

Worm drive is composed of worm and worm gear. Generally, the worm is the driving part. Worm and thread can be divided into right-hand and left-hand worm drives, which are called right-hand worm and left-hand worm respectively. A worm with only one helix is called a single head worm, that is, the worm rotates once and the turbine rotates one tooth. If there are two helices on the worm, it is called a double head worm, that is, the worm rotates once and the turbine rotates two teeth.

Worm drive is a kind of transmission that transmits motion and power between two staggered shafts in space. The included angle between the two axes can be any value, commonly 90 °. Worm drive is used to transmit motion and power between staggered shafts.

Main materials

Shell: (030-110) aluminum alloy integrated casting

Worm: 20CrMnTi carburizing and quenching, tooth surface hardness HRC58-62, surface finish of some fine grinding parts can reach Ra0.4

Worm gear: high quality tin bronze casting (long service life and low temperature rise)

Coating: after the aluminum alloy shell is formed, it is subject to heat treatment and shot peening to remove the surface burr and casting fine flash. Before coating, phosphating treatment is carried out first, and then plastic spraying coating is carried out. The product has more corrosion resistance

Product features

(1) Large transmission ratio and compact structure. The number of worm heads is represented by Z1 (generally Z1 = 1 ~ 4), and the number of worm gear teeth is represented by Z2. From the transmission ratio formula I = Z2 / Z1, it can be seen that when Z1 = 1, that is, the worm is a single head, the worm must rotate Z2 before the worm gear rotates once, so a large transmission ratio can be obtained. Generally, in power transmission, the transmission ratio i = 10-80 is taken; In the indexing mechanism, I can reach 1000. Such a large transmission, such as gear transmission, requires multi-stage transmission, so the worm transmission has the advantages of compact structure, small volume and light weight.

(2) Stable transmission without noise. Because the worm tooth is a continuous spiral tooth, it is continuous when meshing with the worm gear tooth, and the worm tooth does not enter and exit the meshing process, so it works stably, and the impact, vibration and noise are relatively small.

(3) Self locking. When the spiral angle of the worm is very small, the worm can only drive the worm gear, but the worm gear can not drive the worm to rotate.

(4) If the calorific value is large, the tooth surface will be worn

Installation conditions

Check the direction of rotation of the output shaft before installation

Please protect it when it is used in poor environment

Lubricate the surface to prevent rust or oxidation

The maximum load cannot be applied immediately at start-up and must be increased gradually

Solutions to common faults

1、 The worm gear reducer has overheated

1. The reasons for overheating of the reducer are:

a. The reducer is overloaded;

b. Insufficient or excessive lubricating oil in the reducer;

2. Treatment method for overheating of reducer

The staff can conduct a detailed inspection on the actual load of the reducer and adjust it to the specified value, or replace a reducer with high power and use lubricating oil in strict accordance with the specified oil consumption.

2、 Abnormal operation noise of worm gear reducer

1. The reasons for abnormal operation of the reducer are:

a. The bearing on the reducer is damaged due to the rotation and grinding noise of the reducer;

b. Knocking noise and irregular engagement;

2. The treatment methods for abnormal operation of reducer are as follows:

Check the grease inside the reducer. If the user cannot solve it by himself, he can contact the user service organization to help solve the fault problem.


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