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Daily maintenance and installation steps of right angle reducer

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Daily maintenance and installation steps of right angle reducer

Daily maintenance and installation steps of right angle reducer
Every mechanical equipment commodity is its own key component. In the daily maintenance, many right angle reducer parts are also very important. The key components of the right angle reducer can be said to be a part of the surface and household appliances. How should this part be cleaned and maintained?
1. Maintenance of the surface of the spare parts of the right angle reducer: clean the outer surface of the NC lathe and each plug cover, and keep the inside and outside clean without rust and oil stain. Clean the three bars. Check and supplement each screw, rocker ball and rocker. After cleaning, all parts shall be moistened as required.
2. Maintenance of right angle reducer parts and household appliances: clean the dust on the electrical equipment box of right angle reducer. The electrical device is fixed and neat. Naturally, in daily maintenance, it is not only necessary to maintain these aspects. This is only the cleaning and maintenance of many key parts. Other parts, such as right angle reducer and reducer, also need to be maintained.
The first step is to determine whether the right angle reducer is intact before installation, and strictly check whether the specifications of various parts connected between the motor and the right angle reducer are matched. Here is the accurate positioning punch of the motor. Type in the specifications and matching tolerances of the shaft and the concave groove of the right angle reducer.
The second step is to unscrew the screw on the antifouling hole on the side of the flange plate of the right angle reducer, adjust the PCS system clamping ring to align its side hole with both ends of the antifouling hole, insert it into the hexagonal socket, tighten it, and remove the motor shaft key.
The third step is to naturally connect the motor with the right angle reducer. When connecting, ensure that the coaxiality of the output shaft of the right angle reducer and the input shaft of the motor is consistent, and the flanges on both sides are parallel. If the shaft degree is inconsistent, the motor shaft will be broken or the transmission gear of the right angle reducer will be damaged. In addition, it is forbidden to knock with a steel hammer during assembly to avoid damaging the rolling bearing or transmission gear due to excessive axial force or axial force. Be sure to tighten the mounting bolts before screwing them firmly. Before installation, type the motor into the shaft, accurately locate the punch and the antirust agent at the connection part of the right angle reducer, and clean it with gasoline or zinc sodium water. Its significance is to ensure the accessibility of connection and the coordination ability of operation, and to avoid unnecessary damage.
Before the motor is connected with the right angle reducer, please make the motor shaft groove and the force distance bolt vertical. In order to ensure uniform bearing force, please screw on the installation bolts at random included angle position, but do not tighten them, then screw on the other two installation bolts at top angle position, and finally tighten the four installation bolts one by one. Finally, tighten the bolts firmly. All torque bolts of right angle reducer shall be stabilized and checked with torque wrench according to the marked fixed torque data information.


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