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Cycloidal pinwheel reducer_ Precautions for packaging and lifting

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Cycloidal pinwheel reducer_ Precautions for packaging and lifting

Cycloid pin gear reducer has high machining precision, good quality, long service life and strong bearing capacity. Many manufacturers will choose cycloidal pin gear reducer, so the reducer factory should pay attention to the following points during loading and unloading:
1. Direct hammering is not allowed when coupling, pulley, sprocket and other connecting parts are installed on the output shaft of cycloidal needle wheel reducer. Because the output shaft structure of the reducer can not bear the axial hammering force, the screw can be screwed into the connecting part through the screw hole at the shaft end.
2. The shaft diameter of output shaft and input shaft shall be matched with gb1568-79.
3. The eyebolt on the reducer is only used for lifting the reducer.
Packaging methods mainly include packing in boxes (wooden boxes, plywood boxes, corrugated boxes, metal boxes, etc.), bare packaging and partial packaging. During special transportation, partial packaging or color bare packaging shall be used.
The shaft extension and key of cycloidal needle wheel reducer shall be evenly coated with antirust grease, put into the packing box, wrapped tightly with plastic film, bound tightly and fixed in the box. Cycloid pin gear reducer shall be packaged with plastic bags and vacuum packaging if necessary. The cycloid pin gear reducer needs to be placed in balance. Waterproof petroleum asphalt felt shall be placed in the packing box to ensure that the box is dry.
When lifting, the lifting direction shall be correct according to the diagram of the packing box, and necessary protective measures shall be taken to prevent the surface from being scratched or bruised by steel wire rope and other objects. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer shall not be directly placed on the cement floor during transportation and storage. It shall be fixed during transportation to avoid impact and shaft transformation.
The reducer reminds you that the cycloid needle wheel reducer shall not contact with acid and alkali substances during hoisting.


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