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Cycloidal pin gear reducer -- Application of planetary rotation

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Cycloidal pin gear reducer -- Application of planetary rotation

Cycloid pin gear reducer is a novel transmission device which applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts cycloid pin tooth meshing. All transmission devices of cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part. The input shaft is equipped with a double eccentric sleeve with an offset of 180 °, and the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two roller bearings called the rotating arm to form the H mechanism. The center holes of the two cycloid wheels are the raceway of the rotating arm bearing on the eccentric sleeve, and the cycloid wheel is meshed with a group of annular needle teeth on the needle gear to form an internal meshing reduction mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth, (in order to reduce friction, in the reducer with small speed ratio, the needle tooth is equipped with a needle tooth sleeve)
When the input shaft rotates with the eccentric sleeve for one cycle, due to the characteristics of the tooth profile curve on the cycloid gear and its limitation by the needle teeth on the needle gear, the motion of the cycloid gear becomes a plane motion with both revolution and rotation. When the input shaft rotates forward for one cycle, the eccentric sleeve also rotates for one cycle, and the cycloid gear rotates one tooth in the opposite direction to obtain deceleration, and then with the help of the W output mechanism, the The low-speed rotation motion is transmitted to the output shaft through the pin shaft, so as to obtain a lower output speed.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a planetary cycloidal needle wheel reducer, which comprises a vertical base, a motor is arranged in the vertical base, an input shaft, an output shaft coaxial with the input shaft, the input shaft rotates through the linkage of a motor, a eccentric bearing is sleeved on the input shaft, a needle tooth shell is installed on the vertical base, a needle tooth pin sleeve and a needle tooth pin are installed on the inner circumference of the needle tooth shell, Several pin shafts are evenly distributed on the outer circumference of the input shaft, two cycloidal wheels meshing with the needle tooth pin are installed on the pin shaft, a spacer ring is arranged between the cycloidal wheels, two eccentric parts arranged at 180 degrees in the eccentric direction are arranged on the eccentric bearing, the cycloidal wheels are respectively installed on the corresponding eccentric parts, and the output shaft is provided with a mounting disc at one end of the cycloidal wheel, Several mounting holes are evenly distributed along the circumference at one end of the mounting plate facing the cycloid wheel, the pin shaft is inserted in the corresponding mounting hole, the input shaft is supported in the vertical base through the bearing, and a distance ring is arranged between one end of the eccentric bearing and the bearing


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