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Cycloid reducer accessories need regular maintenance!

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Cycloid reducer accessories need regular maintenance!

The internal structure of the pipe fittings of the cycloid reducer is complex, the installation needs to be screwed in for calibration, the operation process is also complex, and there are many restrictions on the use conditions. Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of the cycloid needle wheel alkali accelerator, the equipment needs to be maintained regularly. In case of failure in the actual operation, effective measures should be taken to deal with it in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
In actual operation, cycloid reducer accessories will produce various defects due to different factors such as operating environment and operating conditions. Therefore, workers should take effective measures to solve the defects in time. When the quality of lubricating oil is poor or the oil in the reducer is insufficient, it is easy to damage the rotating arm bearing. When the alkali accelerator is under heavy load, the needle gear sleeve will be seriously worn, so it is necessary to replace the needle gear sleeve in time, especially in the selection of accessories, pay attention to the use of products from the same manufacturer, because the product specifications of different manufacturers have certain errors, and improper assembly of parts and components will also lead to the failure of the alkali accelerator. When the alkali accelerator operates for a long time, the disc and gasket will be worn to varying degrees. As long as the slight wear of the disc and gasket does not affect the normal operation of the accelerator, its hardness and wear resistance should be considered in the design and initial installation. At the same time, the roughness of the working contact also has a certain impact on the long-term operation of the alkali accelerator. Therefore, the hardness, wear resistance and roughness of the disc and spacer are one of the contents that must be checked in each overhaul. At the same time, in practical application, Excessive transmission torque, starting mode and other factors will cause certain damage to the alkali throttle. Therefore, these factors should be fully considered when designing and purchasing cycloid reducer accessories.
Cycloid reducer accessories are widely used. It is a rotating device with relatively small volume and complex internal structure. In order to improve the working efficiency and service life of cycloid needle wheel alkali accelerator, it is usually necessary to install, use and maintain it. Due to different conditions, operating environment and operating time of alkali accelerator, various problems will occur in actual operation. For example, pay attention to the inclination of alkali accelerator during installation to ensure balanced rotation. Screw in the joint, pay attention to the working temperature and oil quantity of the equipment during use, consider regular inspection and proper maintenance during maintenance, clean the dust in the alkali accelerator before replacing the new oil, and replace the worn parts according to the use.


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