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Common faults of planetary reducer

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Common faults of planetary reducer

Common faults of planetary reducer

The planetary cycloidal reducer is a reduction mechanism with advanced design and novel structure, applying the principle of planetary transmission, adopting the meshing of cycloidal pinwheels. This kind of reducer has replaced two-stage and three-stage ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and cylindrical worm reducers in most cases. It is used in military industry, aerospace, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, light industry, food, textile, Printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, rubber, plastics, and lifting and transportation have been increasingly used in applications.

The failures of the planetary cycloid reducer are mainly caused by lack of oil, overload, poor installation accuracy, loose screws and damage to internal parts caused by unscheduled maintenance. Mechanism failure, parts damage and other failures. It can affect the normal operation of equipment, waste and pollution of lubricating oil, and cause the entire production line to stop production. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance and regular inspections during use.
Common malfunctions:

Shaft failure of the deceleration part
Starting from the input part, first check whether the motor has shaft shifting, the bearing point is small or the bearing is large. If so, repair or replace the parts, which will make the motor reach the normal operating sound of a single machine, the rotor shaft rotation runout ≤0.01mm, based on the rotor rotation center, use a dial indicator to measure the perpendicularity between the motor rotor and the flange face ≤0.035 mm, the concentricity with the stop is ≤0.035mm. The requirements for the input shaft and end cover of the input end are also the same.

The failure of the output part

1. If the bearing is worn out and damaged, just replace the bearing.
2. The pin hole of the output shaft is loose, which can be determined according to the size and strength of the model. Generally, the original hole can be blocked by 0.015-0.035 interference below B3, and then re-leveled, and the matching hole is processed out of position between the two holes; if the machine is machined If the number is larger, you can add the pin holes of the chassis, leave a stop, and re-turn and boring after the new plate is processed and hot-assembled.

3. The output shaft bearing points are worn and the pin holes are loose. If the bearing points are worn, the on-axis lathe can be matched with a four-jaw alignment. The reference point is set on the output shaft positioning set and isolation set that are not worn, and the concentricity reaches 0.015mm;

4. After the bearing hole of the machine seat is loosened, the wear increases and becomes invalid. The end face and the bottom face can be used for alignment, the verticality is 0.03mm, the stop and the unworn bearing hole are aligned, and the reaming matching processing is used to repair the worn bearing hole, concentric The degree is controlled within ≤0.025mm.

Abnormal temperature rise failure
Under normal conditions, the temperature rise of the cycloid reducer under load does not exceed 45°C. When the temperature rise exceeds 50℃, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. The possible cause of the abnormal temperature rise is the unreasonable lubrication of the transmission part of the machine (especially the arm bearing), or the end face friction caused by the axial force. The oil level and the oil grade should be checked or the machine should be disassembled for inspection. Phenomena such as napping, gluing and end-face grinding.


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