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Commissioning instructions of reducer

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Commissioning instructions of reducer

All machines have trial operation time. This time is used to detect whether the device has problems and needs to be corrected, that is, the so-called running in period. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the reducer without problems, and it is also the guarantee for the efficient and long-term stable operation of the reducer in the future.
1. Smoothness
Due to the small operation interval of the components of the new device and the factors of the device itself, the smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a symmetrical oil film on the surface to prevent damage. Ensure that the exterior is not too rough, resulting in serious early wear of parts. In serious cases, it will even lead to scratches on the outside.
2. Fast wear
Because when the new reducer components are processed, installed and regulated, the contact area of the cooperative surface is relatively small, and the applied torque is larger. In the operation process of the reducer, the concave convex parts outside the components are embedded and conflict with each other, and the worn metal debris, as abrasive, continues to participate in the conflict, accelerating the wear of the cooperative surface of the parts. Therefore, during the running in period, it simply constitutes the wear of parts and components, and the wear speed is too fast. At this time, assuming overload, parts may be damaged and problems may occur.
3. Leakage phenomenon
Due to looseness, vibration of components and temperature rise of reducer, leakage will occur at the sealing surface and pipe joint of reducer; Some casting defects are difficult to find during device commissioning, but due to vibration and impact during operation, such problems are manifested as oil leakage. Therefore, leakage may also occur during the running in period.
4. Loosening occurs
There may be some differences in shape and matching degree of newly delivered parts. At the beginning of application, the originally fastened parts become loose due to the impact, vibration and other alternating loads, as well as the influence of heating, deformation and other factors, coupled with rapid wear and other reasons.
The above work is completed under the condition of trial operation and running in of the reducer, which is also a kind of maintenance for the reducer and plays a good role in the long-term operation of the reducer.


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