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Case of ZQ reducer in Northeast Fengman Reservoir

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Case of ZQ reducer in Northeast Fengman Reservoir

Fengman Reservoir is a large reservoir in Northeast China. Also known as "Songhua Lake". Located 24 kilometers southeast of Jilin City. It is connected by railway and highway. Founded in 1937, after renovation and expansion since the 1950s, a water conservancy project has been built that focuses on power generation and combines flood control, irrigation, shipping, aquaculture, and tourism. The reservoir dam is 95 meters high and 1080 meters long.

Songhua Lake is located on the west side of the eastern mountains of Jilin Province, on the upper reaches of the Songhua River, 14 kilometers southeast of Jilin City. It is a large artificial river valley reservoir formed by the closure of the Fengman Hydropower Station. Songhua Lake has a total length of 180 kilometers, the widest part of the lake is about 5 kilometers, the average water depth is 30-40 meters, the deepest point is 75 meters, the lake area is 550 square kilometers, the normal high water level of the lake is 261 meters, and the maximum storage capacity is 10.8 billion cubic meters.

With an installed power generation capacity of 554,000 kilowatts and an annual power generation of 1.89 billion kWh, it is the main power plant of the Northeast Power Grid. The downstream dikes can ensure the safety of the two cities of Jilin and Harbin and the cities and rural areas along the river. Irrigate 35,000 hectares of farmland and supply industrial water for thermal power, chemistry, papermaking, metallurgy, etc. and domestic water for millions of people in Jilin City. The lake area water transport line is more than 100 kilometers, connecting Yongji, Jiaohe and Huadian. The lake is rich in aquatic animals and plants, which is a trophic lake. There are more than 30,000 hectares of fish on the water surface, producing silver carp, carp, crucian carp, white fish, flat flower, and aohua. It is famous for "white fish" and "lake crucian" and is an important fishery base in Jilin Province. The lake area is surrounded by green mountains and beautiful mountains and rivers. There are highways, lakeside swimming pools, alpine ski resorts, and sanatoriums on the lake shore. It is a famous tourist attraction.


It is a cylindrical gear reducer with two-stage cylindrical gear transmission. It is widely used in machinery industries such as lifting and transporting machinery, mining machinery and general chemical industry. Its working temperature is -40C°~+45C°, the input speed is not higher than 1500 rpm, and the circumferential speed of gear transmission must not exceed 14 m/s. It can run in both directions.

Installation, use and maintenance

1. The gear is lubricated by a closed transmission oil pool. The oil level of the lubricating oil is indicated by the circular oil mark on the base. When the reducer is in a stopped state, the oil level is within the range indicated by the oil mark.

2. The lubricating oil is generally HJ40-50 mechanical oil. HL20-30 gear oil can also be used.

3. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the oil in the early stage of the reducer's work. If the oil is dirty (especially the mixing of metal foam), the oil should be changed immediately, and the dirt in the body should be removed while changing the oil. The quality of the oil must be checked regularly (not less than once every six months).

4. The state of the meshing working surface should be checked regularly, especially when the tooth surface is scratched at the beginning of the work, if the scratched area is not more than 20% of the tooth working surface (along the tooth length and tooth height), it is allowed to use Whetstone or scraper is slightly trimmed.

5. If you need to open the cover for maintenance, pay attention to whether the cover is smeared with sealant. If there is sealant, use the screw hole on the cover to open it with screws. Do not hammer the sealing surface. The sealing must be checked after the maintenance. Whether the surface and the through cover are scratched, the sealant residue is cleaned, and whether it will cause oil leakage.


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