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Application of spiral bevel gear reducer in chemical industry

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Application of spiral bevel gear reducer in chemical industry

The main speed change gear of spiral bevel gear reducer adopts Gleason hypoid tooth system, hard tooth surface, large bearing capacity, low noise, long service life and high efficiency.
According to the different needs of customers, the appropriate reducer can be selected for the mixing device selection of customers. Mixing products enjoy a good reputation in machinery, chemical industry, medicine, food, petroleum, environmental protection, road construction, non-ferrous metals and other industries.
1、 A. installation procedure of mixing device
1. Fix and connect the installation bottom cover with the channel steel well sub frame or top cover flange (when kettle tank is used) (Note: the installation bottom cover must be horizontal during connection).
2. Put the mixing shaft into the tank (if the mixing shaft is multi-section, the mixing shaft can be placed in sections or connected as a whole according to the installation situation on site.)
3. Remove the bracket from the reducer (if the reducer and the frame have been connected as a whole during installation, perform this step; otherwise, this step is omitted).
4. Connect and fix the bracket with the installation bottom cover after the first step of installation.
5. Connection between mixing shaft and support:
It is connected with the double fulcrum (SJ type) frame, and the double fulcrum support structure
Fulcrum Installation Preparation: the lower fulcrum is equipped with a self-aligning bearing, which is equipped with a set sleeve, a nut and a lock plate, and the inner hole of the bearing is conical
Assembly steps:
① Open the sealing cover under the lower fulcrum, and then put the sealing cover on the mixing shaft.
② At this time, you can see a self-aligning bearing with a tight set sleeve. Loosen the nut on the tight set sleeve to the extent that it is about to separate from the tight set sleeve but not completely.
B. Preparation for installation of the upper fulcrum: the upper fulcrum is a 45# steel shaft sleeve with a keyway on the inner hole of the shaft sleeve (after the lower fulcrum bearing is ready, the mixing shaft can be threaded through the shaft sleeve from bottom to top).
C. After the preparation of steps a and B, lift the mixing shaft with lifting tools and pass through the two fulcrum bearings of the support. After hoisting in place, lock the nut on the upper fulcrum and the nut on the lower fulcrum in turn with the locking plate, and then install the sealing cover.
(2) Connection to single fulcrum (DJ type) rack:
Description of support fulcrum: the fulcrum is 45# steel shaft sleeve, and there is a keyway in the inner hole of the shaft sleeve;
Installation Preparation: align the key on the mixing shaft with the keyway on the support fulcrum shaft sleeve;
Installation: 1. Pass the mixing shaft through the shaft sleeve from bottom to top;
2. Pass the mixing shaft head through the round nut stop washer, through the round nut, tighten the round nut, bend and fix the teeth (at least one) on the stop washer that can fully correspond to the groove of the round nut in the groove, so as to lock the round nut and prevent looseness.
1. Hoist the reducer above the frame:
① Connect the mixing shaft with the output shaft of the reducer with a coupling and fix it;
② Connect and fix the reducer to the frame.
2. Install the lower shaft of the mixing shaft (if any and not connected with the upper shaft as a whole).
3. Installation of agitator (detachable):
① Put the shaft sleeve on the mixing shaft and fasten it with the top screw.
② Match the agitator blade with the factory mark (if marked) on the agitator shaft sleeve, and fasten it with bolts.
4. Installation is completed.
1、 B. installation technical requirements
The gasket shall make the horizontal deviation of the upper end face of the frame no more than 0.15mm.
2. The horizontal deviation of the upper surface of the groove top well sub beam at the inlet of the mixing shaft shall not be greater than 1.2mm.
3. After the installation of the mixing system, manually turn the gear, and the radial swing at the lower end of the mixing shaft shall not be greater than 1.0-1.5mm.
4. From top to bottom, rotate clockwise and do not reverse; Otherwise, power off and stop immediately and check and adjust the connection of power supply.
5. After the installation of the mixing device, the manual turning shall be free of jamming, collision, excessive resistance, etc., and then the water loading test run shall not be less than 1 hour without abnormal vibration and noise, and the motor and reducer shall be free of abnormal heating.
6. Lubricating oil must be added and changed regularly in strict accordance with the operation manual of the reducer.
2、 Use and maintenance of mixing device
1. Pay attention to check the reducer support bearing for abnormal noise at any time during use. If abnormal noise is found, please find out the cause in time and carry out maintenance.
2. Regularly check the working conditions of the output shaft oil seal and bearing oil seal of the reducer for oil leakage and oil leakage. Replace the lubricating oil in the reducer case according to the reducer instructions, and replace the winter lubricating oil in winter.
3. Regularly check the wear of the agitator and whether the fastening bolts are loose.
4. Operation note: during operation, pay attention not to start the motor when the mixing blade is buried in the solid precipitation layer. If the mixer stops rotating due to sudden power failure and lasts for a period of time or a long time, when the mixing blade is buried in the solid sediment layer, the motor cannot be started directly. It is necessary to turn the gear manually or take other methods to suspend the solid layer before starting the motor, otherwise the motor, reducer and other key components will be damaged.
5. After the frame is in place on the sub beam of the groove top well, the relevant parts of the lower end face shall be padded with appropriate thickness.


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