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Analysis of common problems in installation of cycloidal reducer

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Analysis of common problems in installation of cycloidal reducer

Cycloid reducer is composed of three parts: input, output and deceleration parts, which together form a complete transmission device. Generally, it has small volume, compact structure and large reduction ratio. Because the equipment can help maintain the stable performance in operation, it is widely used, such as chemical, mining, medical and other industries. It has a unique operation mode, In order to improve the service life of the equipment and reduce the production cost to a certain extent, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and repair in combination with the characteristics of the equipment, and take fault emergency measures at the same time, so as to find and solve the faults in time. However, sometimes due to production conditions, installation problems, site conditions and other reasons, some problems are often encountered in the actual use process, which requires relevant staff to pay more attention, and can fully reflect the advantages of cycloid reducer, so as to improve work efficiency.
Analysis of common problems in installation of cycloidal reducer
The cycloid reducer itself has a small equipment volume and is easy to connect between equipment. However, due to various forms of connection, there are many details to pay attention to during installation to ensure the normal operation of cycloid reducer and other equipment. It is mainly analyzed from the following four aspects:
(1) The output shaft in the output device of cycloid reducer can bear limited axial impact force. It is not advisable to use the shaft end screw for installation, screw in the way of nailing and pressing the connector, and directly hammer the reducer.
(2) During installation, it is necessary to ensure the high fit of the corresponding dimensions of the reducer, including the standard and horizontal height of the installation center line, and ensure that the concentricity of the reducer is within the strict standard range.
(3) The actual working environment of the reducer and the production demand of the oil pump shall also be fully considered in the rotation of the lubrication system of the equipment itself, so as to meet the lubrication of all parts of the reducer.
(4) Ensure that the appearance of the reducer body does not deform during installation, provide a horizontal working position and symmetrically arrange the bolts of the cushion block. In addition, in order to prevent oil leakage of the reducer during operation, the inclination angle of the reducer is required to be controlled within 15 degrees during installation.


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