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Analysis of common faults of reduction motor

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Analysis of common faults of reduction motor

1、 Reducer overheating
1) the lubricating oil is insufficient or excessive, and the oil and oil star vent cap are not loosened according to the product operation manual
2) over current protection or load overload of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, check the overload reason of reduction motor, adjust it to meet the requirements or replace the high-power reduction motor
3) Before starting the machine, confirm the installation orientation of opening the ventilation cap for exhaust and heat dissipation
4) There are different lubricating oil stars in different installation methods. After confirmation, fill the specified oil star to ensure the lubrication effect and heat dissipation effect
2、 Abnormal running noise of reduction motor
1) rotation noise.
2) knocking noise and irregular engagement.
3) when there are impurities in the lubricating oil or the oil quantity is insufficient
Replace the lubricating oil or add oil to the specified value
3、 When the motor rotates, the output shaft of the reducer does not rotate
The key connection of the reducer is damaged or the transmission gear is worn,
Dismantle the machine for maintenance and replace parts.
4、 Oil leakage
1) Adjust the lubricating oil level and quantity;
2) the ventilation cap is not installed correctly.
Confirm the position and direction of the breather cap and ensure that the breather cap is above or higher than the lubricating oil;
3) replace the oil seal or gland when the oil seal or gland leaks oil, the oil seal or gland is aged or installed incorrectly;
4) replace the gasket or O-ring when the gasket is damaged and aging.

The power supply voltage is too high, resulting in over saturation of core flux density, resulting in too high temperature rise of reduction motor. Handling suggestion: if the power supply voltage exceeds the standard a lot, contact the power supply department for solution.
The power supply voltage is too low and the motor temperature rise is too high under rated load. Treatment suggestion: if it is caused by excessive voltage drop of the power line, replace the thicker power line; If the power supply voltage is too low, contact the power supply department to increase the power supply voltage.
When removing the wire, the iron core is burned, increasing the iron consumption. Handling suggestions: conduct core inspection and test, repair the core and eliminate faults.
The stator and rotor cores rub against each other. Treatment suggestions: check the cause of the fault. If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit, replace the bearing. If the rotating shaft is bent, straighten it; When the iron core is loose or deformed, the iron core shall be handled to eliminate the fault;


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