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All knowledge of cycloid pin gear reducer principle and structure, maintenance, etc

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All knowledge of cycloid pin gear reducer principle and structure, maintenance, etc

1. Its principle is like two silver coins, one stationary and the other rotating against its edge. When the rotating coin turns back from one point to the original point, it has turned twice, not one.
2. The schematic diagram is not easy to draw. Let me explain it. It is composed of gears inside, and the combination of dynamic and static gears is not as external as silver coins. Instead, one outer edge and the other inner edge mesh to form a group, which can save space. Even if multiple groups are combined, they can be stacked in a cylinder. The input and output shafts of the cylinder are on the same center, but the internal gears are not concentric. The driving wheel is smaller than the driven wheel, swings along the shaft and rolls along the side at the same time. Drive the driven wheel to roll; The driven wheel drives the next driving wheel to swing along the shaft... So until the output shaft. The number of teeth per group and the number of gear sets determine the gear ratio.
3。 Just ensure the normal operation of the engine oil.
4. The sealing ring is prone to oil leakage. Just replace the sealing ring. When changing, just remove the motor screws, not the reducer screws. Remove the fan blade cover of the motor after removal. Turn the blade and pull out the motor at the same time. When installing the motor after replacement, the fan blade shall also be rotated. And the oil pump is also prone to problems. The transparent oil pipe is easy to leak oil.
When disassembling the reducer, be sure to remember the direction mark of each gear so that it can be reinstalled.
5. Applicable to any machinery installed vertically. Such as mixing paddle and mud rake.


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