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Advantages and selection of planetary reducer

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Advantages and selection of planetary reducer

We all know that the function of the reducer is mainly to reduce speed and increase torque. We can see the shadow of the planetary reducer in various industries. It is used so widely. What are the advantages of the planetary reducer? How should we choose? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!
Planetary reducer
1、 Advantages of planetary reducer
20CrMnTi carburizing quenching grinding gear in planetary reducer has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency and safe performance. It has the characteristics of power shunting and multi tooth meshing. This is a new type of reducer with wide universality. The maximum input power can reach 104kw. It is suitable for new planetary series WGN fixed shaft transmission reducer, WN sub parent gear transmission reducer and small tooth difference elastic uniform load reducer in industrial departments such as lifting and transportation, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical industry, engineering machinery, light textile industry, medical instruments, instruments, automobiles, ships, weapons, Aerospace and so on.
2、 Planetary reducer has so many advantages, so how should we choose when we choose?
1. Speed ratio selection of planetary reducer:
The selection of planetary reducer should first determine the reduction ratio. After determining the reduction ratio, it is necessary to multiply the rated torque of the selected servo motor by the rated output torque of the product prototype, and the value obtained is less than the rated output torque of the product prototype. At the same time, the overload capacity of the driving motor and the maximum working torque actually required shall also be considered. The maximum working torque required is less than twice its rated output torque.
2. Selection of dimensions and specifications of planetary reducer:
After meeting the above conditions, select the reducer with the smallest volume, and the reducer with smaller volume has lower cost. If there is not enough space, the motor reducer can be used for linear connection, or the angle reducer can be used to rotate the torque by 90 degrees.
3. Accuracy selection of planetary reducer (return clearance):
The next step is to consider the return stroke of the planetary reducer. The smaller the return clearance, the higher the precision and the higher the cost. Users want to select a series of reducers that can meet their accuracy requirements.
4. Service life of planetary reducer:
Lateral / radial forces and average life shall also be considered. The reducer with large lateral / radial stress is installed and used reliably and is not prone to problems. Generally speaking, its average life is much longer than the configured servo motor.
5. Other instructions of planetary reducer:
After meeting the above requirements, select the required installation size, shaft diameter and input flange according to the product prototype to match with the motor. You can also consider the weight of your motor. The reducer can only be used with motors weighing less than a certain amount. If the motor is too heavy, long-term migration will damage the output flange of the reducer.


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